Monday, April 8, 2019

The Snoo: Sleep is priceless.

tl; dr In my opinion, the Snoo is seriously the best sleep solution ever, a must buy for all parents. Read on for details.

Zara sleeping peacefully in the Snoo 
(Note: machine is not on as she is not in the Snoo sleep sack)

The one thing my husband and I miss most after becoming parents is (uninterrupted) SLEEP. It's a safe bet that millions of other new parents feel the same way, and companies certainly recognize this phenomenon and capitalize on it. Two years ago, after our son was born, we spent hours each night bouncing him to sleep as he wailed for hours. We were so desperate for sleep that I bought every sleep aid I could get my hands on, from swaddles to swings - nothing worked. Finally, we hired a night nanny for a couple nights when my husband was leaving town for work, and she showed us that we were not swaddling our son tightly enough, and were also putting him to bed too late. $1200 bucks later, we were getting those much needed 5-6 hour stretches consistently.

This time around, I wanted to get ahead of the newborn sleep deficit so after hours of research and reading hundreds of anecdotal comments, I took the plunge and purchased a Snoo Smart Sleeper. The Snoo is a bassinet that detects your baby's crying  and responds with varying levels of motion and calming sounds accordingly to calm your baby, so that you don't have to spend hours rocking at all hours of the night. 

Zara has been sleeping in the Snoo since she was 2 days old, and was sleeping 3-4 hour stretches right away. At 4 months old, she was sleeping 6-8 hour stretches consistently, and waking only twice at night to be fed. She has also been fortunate to avoid the dreaded 4 month sleep regression (knock on wood!). At 4.5 months we successfully weaned her from the Snoo in about a week using the built in weaning feature, and transitioned her to a crib seamlessly without having to sleep train further.  tl; dr In my opinion, the Snoo is seriously the best sleep solution ever, a must buy for all parents. Read on for details.

Source: Happiest Baby, "Meet the Snoo Smart Bassinet"

About The Snoo:
The Snoo was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, Author of Happiest Baby on the Block. It claims to be the safest baby bed ever made due to its sleep sack that prevents rolling, the air vents on the sack as well as the bassinet to reduce overheating, and its ability to boost infant sleep to dissuade co-sleeping with tired parents. 

  • Thoughtfully designed and easy to use sleep sack which you can wrap baby in within seconds, including dual zipper for easy diaper changes at night.
  • Three sizes of sleep sacks included with purchase or rental so you don't need to buy extra accessories right away (S, M, L). We found that we used the medium and large sizes the most. 
  • Sleep sacks and sheet can machine washed and dried for painless upkeep.
  • The bassinet itself is easy to assemble, simply attach the four legs and download the App to connect your unit. Assembly in 20 mins or less in our experience. 
  • App allows you to control the bassinet movement, and also see sleep logs for how long baby is sleeping over time. We LOVE this feature so that we could discern Zara's patterns and share this feedback with her teachers at school, which made her transition to daycare easier. Now that she is in a crib, we still find ourselves reaching for the app wishing we had a sleep tracker! Here is a progression of Zara's sleep over time. The blue indicates sleeping, brown is when the Snoo was comforting her. As you can see, her sleep improved dramatically over time. Of course there are still days with setbacks, but on the whole there are far more good days than tough ones.

  • Overall design of the bassinet is visually appealing, minimalist/mid-century modern.
  • We were able to start putting Zara down drowsy but eyes open around 12 weeks of age, and the Snoo would gently rock her to sleep. This mimicked sleep training, and now we're able to do the same in the stationary crib without too much protest or additional sleep training (win!). 
  • Resale value. I was able to purchase the bassinet in 2018 when it was 35% off for about $835. I've seen others sell their Snoos for around $500, so the resale value is strong
  • Flexibility in choosing delivery date of your bassinet so that your 30 day risk free trial starts when you actually need the bassinet. I ordered my bassinet during their Black Friday sale which began in mid-October, and set it to deliver in mid-November. This worked out perfectly as it was delivered the day my daughter was born. 
  • Price, this is the most obvious and biggest con for most people. Retail price is $1295 + tax. There are sales throughout the year where you can get up to 35% off ($845 + tax) Happiest Baby just launched the option to rent the Snoo for $98/month. The resale value is strong if you're able to get the bassinet when its 35% off. Renting is also a very strong option now. Why? Let's break it down:
    •  4 months of a night nanny would cost $18,000 - 36,000 (~$15-30/hr, 10 hrs per night). 4 months of a Snoo (purchased) costs ~$930 when purchased on sale. You can resell for at least $500, so that brings your actual cost for 4 months to $430. Renting would be about $431, essentially equivalent. Granted, a night nanny can do more than a Snoo because they can feed, change diapers, etc. However, the massive discount you get with a Snoo (if it works for you) compared to the night nanny makes it worth at least a trial. If your child does not prefer it, you could always go a different route. 
    •  All in all, I don't really view price as a huge con because of the immense value the product provides relative to the cost of alternatives. Even purchased without any discounts, you'd be saving at least $16,000 relative to a night nanny. 
  • Won't work for all babies, but GREAT return policy. Unfortunately, like all baby products and services, this bassinet will not work for every baby out there. That said, I LOVE Happiest Baby's 30 Day Risk Free Trial policy that begins on the day of your delivery. You don't even have to pay return shipping, which is amazing!
  • Limited time use because you can only use it till your baby starts rolling, or outgrows the height/weight restrictions. Usually this is between 4-6 months of age. We still felt this was well worth the investment because sleep is priceless!
I hope this review has been helpful! Please drop me a line if you have any questions or want to know more. You can read other parents reviews of the Snoo here as well